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  You are not alone.

When you receive behavioral health services from Cornerstone, we'll help you make a plan for recovery that meets your needs while respecting your choices.

You'll have access to board-certified psychiatrists to provide treatment for you at our location. This treatment includes a psychiatric evaluation and follow-up medication management, if needed.

Because crises don't follow schedules, intervention services are available as well. A knowledgeable crisis counselor will be there for you--face to face or by phone--any time of day. If you are experiencing a crisis, we will provide you the support you need to get through it.

    You have a safe place to stay.

We can help you find and keep a place to live. Homeless adults with severe and persistent mental illness may get help leasing an apartment or house.

Once you have a place to call your home, we can help you develop skills in socialization, budgeting, meal preparation, independent living skills, household maintenance, and medication management among other services. The goal of the housing program is to move people towards independence in the community. The time to achieve this goal varies with each individual, which means you may utilize the program you are in as long as you need to.

Special help is available for veterans of the United States Armed Forces and individuals with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis.

Services are provided at no cost to individuals who have Medicaid insurance. Some additional funding sources exist for outpatient services, please call for further information. If you have questions about Medicaid eligibility or are interested in applying for Medicaid, please visit

For more information, call 815-727-6667

Service available in greater Will and Kankakee Counties.

  You have someone to talk to.

Outpatient Therapy provides adults who have a diagnosed mental health condition with therapy and psychiatric services on a scheduled and on-going basis.

You may visit Cornerstone for regularly scheduled appointments with a counselor to talk to someone who cares and is qualified to help you work through your issues. If needed, you can also meet with a board-certified psychiatrist who, with therapy or medication can help set you on a path to real recovery.

Service available in greater Will and Kankakee Counties.

    Find support with others through shared experiences.

Group sessions are held throughout the day to help strengthen independent living skills, manage the symptoms of mental illness and learn to access community resources that can further improve your quality of life.

This program includes social activities that help foster support among fellow participants.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Services available in the greater Will County area.


For more information, please call 815-727-6667

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